'Get' connector pane

Get connector pane


Retrieve DLL version information.

Retrieves the version string, build timestamp string, and individual numeric components of the version number from labSSH.dll.


cerrcodeclst error in




No Error

Incoming error from previous VI call. Is passed through to error out.


LabVIEW will not execute Call Library Function Node if there is an error present on the wire. Ensure that there is no error prior to calling this VI – unexpected behavior will occur.


istr Version String

String representation of version information.

istr Build Timestamp

String representation of DLL build timestamp. Format is Month DD YYYY HH:MM:SS.

ii32 Major Number

Major version number of API.

ii32 Minor Number

Minor version number of API.

ii32 Patch Number

Patch version number of API.

ii32 Revision Number

Deprecated since version 2.4: Revision number was specific to SVN and is no longer used. This will be removed in a future version.

ierrcodeclst error out

Error (if any) resulting from this VI call.