SFTP EZ Receive.vi

'SFTP EZ Receive.vi' connector pane

SFTP EZ Receive.vi connector pane


Perform a 1-step SFTP file download.

Changed in version 2.4: This function is now a pure-LabVIEW implementation. Prior to 2.4, this function called into a DLL function which would block the entire application and render the UI unusable until the download completed.

In 2.4, this function uses a pure-LabVIEW file transfer loop using low-level file transfer functions, so the application remains responsive, i.e. doesn’t appear frozen when transferring large files.


cu64 LabSSH Session


SSH session refnum.

cpath Local Path


Local system path to which downloaded file will be written.

If this file exists, it will be overwritten.

cstr Remote Path


Remote filesystem path to requested file. This can be a relative path or an absolute path.


cerrcodeclst error in

Default:No Error

Incoming error from previous VI call. Is passed through to error out.


LabVIEW will not execute Call Library Function Node if there is an error present on the wire. Ensure that there is no error prior to calling this VI – unexpected behavior will occur.

ci32 Timeout msec


Amount of time in milliseconds to wait for a response from remote host before a timeout error occurs.


iu64 LabSSH Session Out

Duplicate SSH session refnum.

ierrcodeclst error out

Error (if any) resulting from this VI call.