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Perform a global initialization of LabSSH.

This must be called once, and only once, before using any other LabSSH VIs.


cpath License File Path Override

Default:Empty Path epath

Override the default path to where license file resides. LabSSH will initialize with the license file here.

If value is Empty Path epath, the default license file path is searched, e.g.

C:\Program Files\National Instruments\LabVIEW 2017\vi.lib\Labwerx\labSSH\labSSH.lic

cerrcodeclst error in

Default:No Error

Incoming error from previous VI call. Is passed through to error out.


LabVIEW will not execute Call Library Function Node if there is an error present on the wire. Ensure that there is no error prior to calling this VI – unexpected behavior will occur.


ierrcodeclst error out

Error (if any) resulting from this VI call.